Math Worksheet

Ultimate Worksheet for Math with all of topics with lots of skills for every grade with weekly updating questions with there solutions tested and recommended way for maths practice and skill building

Seventh Grade

Ultimate fun Learning Pack for All Seventh Grade Students

1000+ questions on various topics like :
Consumer math, Decimal numbers, Exponents and square roots, Integers, Number theory, Operations with decimals, Operations with fractions, Operations with integers, Percents, Pythagorean theorem, Rational numbers, Ratios and proportions..

Sixth Grade

Ultimate Fun Learning Pack for Sixth Grade
covering all subjects & topics like Roman numerals, Word names for numbers, Place values in whole numbers, Decimal place values, Word names for decimal numbers, Inequalities with decimals, Absolute value and opposite integers, Evaluate exponents, Exponents with decimal bases, Evaluate negative exponents, Multiply money by whole numbers and decimals, Multiply money: word problems, Divide money amounts: word problems, Unit prices with customary unit conversions, Time units, Review - add and subtract whole numbers, Review - add and subtract whole numbers: word prob, Estimate sums and differences of decimals, Multiply whole numbers: word problems, Multiply three or more numbers: word problems, Inequalities with decimal multiplication, Divide decimals by whole numbers and many more...

Sketch Me

This is a simple application that lets you convert your images and photos into sketches with in few seconds.

Point & shoot from camera or select from your photo library, and see the sketch right through your device after you pick a picture.

How to use:
1. Pick a picture from your device or just capture by your device camera.
2. Select options for Retry or Save.

Fifth Grade

1000+ questions

Covering all subjects & topics like
Addition and subtraction of decimals, Addition and subtraction, Decimals, Division, Division with decimals, Mixed operations, Multiplication, Multiply decimals, Number theory, Place values and number sense, Problem solving... and many more.

UPDATING EVERY MONTH with more fresh questions & solutions of Fifth Grade

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Interactive Math and other Subjects Skill Builders for topics like Numbers and comparing, Place values, Division, Equations and variables, Estimation and rounding, Money, Measurement, Properties, Time, Fractions, Decimals, Multiplication, Logical reasoning, Probability and Statistics

Third Grade

Ultimate learning pack for a Third Grade student.
Skill builders for Maths, English, Social etc.
With all of topics like Numbers and comparing, Place values, Multiplication, Division, Properties, Equations and variables, Estimation and rounding, Logical reasoning, Money, Time, Measurement, Fractions, Decimals, Probability and statistics

Second Grade

An application for second grade students to learn and test by the help of quiz, covering full syllabus.

First Grade

An application for first grade students to learn and test by the help of quiz, covering full syllabus.